Diaper Rash: Disorder, Prevention, and Treatment  
Skin disorders    How often have you begun to change your baby’s diaper and seen patches of bright red skin on the baby’s bottom. The likelihood is that this is diaper rash. Almost all infants have a tendency to develop such a rash at one time or another. You might notice the occurrence of diaper rash after your baby has been given a solid diet or after it’s been given antibiotics.

Most people have an allergy to Diaper rash.

Diaper rash

Diaper rash like any other skin disorder is irritating and annoying, but can be taken care of using a few simple medications or home remedies.

Prevention of Diaper Rash

You can decrease the likelihood of the occurrence of diaper rash on the skin of your baby, by taking cognizance of the following pointers:

 Change the diapers as often as possible. Prompt removal of dirty diapers can prevent diaper rash.
 When you change the diaper, clean your baby’s bottom with water. You can use a wet towel of cloth for this purpose. Moreover never use wipes that have are coated with a fragrance or alcohol.
 Avoid scrubbing of the baby’ bottom for drying purposes. Instead pat it dry.
 The baby’s skin needs air, therefore don’t over-tighten the diaper. Furthermore, if you use tight fitting diapers they have a tendency of rubbing against the thighs or waist, thus leading to diaper rashes.
 Whenever possible, try not to use a diaper. This would help air to dry the skin. Such a process is good for the baby’s skin as its gentle and mild.
 Wash diaper in hot water, and don’t use detergents that have a chemical content. If your baby already has diaper rash, double rinse the diaper when you wash them.
 If there is a frequent occurrence of diaper rash, on your baby, then apply a prescribed barrier ointment, when you change the diaper. This will go a long way in preventing skin irritation.

Most people are confused as to whether to go for cloth diapers or disposable diapers, in order to prevent diaper rash. None of them can prevent diaper rash, but it’s advisable to seek your doctor’s opinion before buying diapers for your baby.


Diaper rash does not have a whole list of treatment options. This is because it’s quite common, and benign.
The best medical treatment would be self-care and keeping the skin of the baby as clean as possible, at all times. Aggressive treatment of diaper rash includes the application of antifungal cream to the affected area. A pediatrician can also prescribe a mild hydrocortisone cream.

In cases where the diaper rash persists, you might have to consult the services of a dermatologist. Herein, the dermatologist prescribes creams that have a steroid content.

Diaper rash is one of those skin disorders, which your baby will have to go through. It’s very difficult to prevent. However, it’s quite easy to treat. However there are times when the situation can worsen and lead to the formulation of blisters or the occurrence of fever. This is when it’s advisable to consult the baby’s pediatrician immediately.

On the whole diaper rash, will alarm both babies and their parents, but a little bit of self care will treat it rather effectively.


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