Fungus Infections: Feature, Prevention and Treatment Measures  
Skin disorders    A fungus is essentially a type of plant that can adversely affect our health and cause disorders in our body. There are some types of fungus that we can eat, for e.g. mushrooms, but there are various other fungi, some of them microscopic in nature, with which bodily contact is severely harmful.

The fungi that are usually harmful for our body are those that spread by way of microscopic spores. In terms of a skin disorder, when these fungi spores land on our skin, they cause a fungus infection.

Fungus infections like Athlete’s foot, Jock itch, Candida, and Tinea are fairly common. Such a medical condition is called a mycosis, wherein fungi area able to pass through the resistance barriers of the human body and spread fungus infections.

A few Features of Fungus Infections.

Fungus Infections

There are a few fungus infections that can cause some serious problems; however, these are not skin disorders. Furthermore, many of these fungus infections are location centric. Almost all fungus infections develop over period of time, and thus it might be a long time before you seek medical help.

At times, it is an imbalance in the body that gives rise to fungus infections. For e.g. bacteria of the digestive tract, minimize the fungal growth in that area. However, when a person ingests antibiotics, such bacteria might be killed, thus allowing for the unchecked growth of fungi.

Prevention of Fungus Infection

Fungus infections of the skin, like those affecting any other part, are discomforting and rather annoying. However, the body is not affected in any other way, and you can continue your daily routine, in spite of the infection.

Some preventive measures are:

 Avoid or minimize skin-to-skin contact with people who have skin fungus infection.
 The corners of the body, where sweat or moisture accumulates have to be kept dry.
 Avoid tight footwear or tight ill-fitting clothes during summer. This is one the major reasons for fungus infection of the skin.
 Use clean innerwear.
 Wash the corners of your body, daily.
 If someone in your family has a scalp infection, then do not use his/her comb or any head wear.
 Your pets can also carry an infection. If this is the case avoid touching them, or after you have touched them or their infected part, wash your hands thoroughly.

These are just some of the preventive measure that one can be aware of to avoid or minimize the occurrence of fungus infection.


The usage of antifungal drugs helps treat fungus infection. The potency of the medication depends on the seriousness and the inherent nature of the infection. A doctor might prescribe either a topical agent or a systemic agent.

In some of the more serious cases of fungus infection procedures like photo-chemotherapy and photopheresis are used to treat it. Such techniques are used at most major hospital and clinics.

Overall a mixture of topical and systemic therapy can be used to treat fungus infection. Drugs like Terbinafine, Itraconazole etc are used to treat this type of infection.

All in all there is no need to panic if you have fungus infection. Effective medication will get rid of it in no time.


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