Hair Loss: Types, Prevention and Treatment  
Skin disorders    You must have seen a few strands of hair on your comb or in your sink. This is a natural process. However, there comes a time when people look into their mirrors and don’t like what they see. They have had a glimpse of their scalp because of excessive hair loss.

Baldness is in most cases hereditary and in other cases is a result of medications, weather, and hard water or a medical condition. Both men and women are affected by hair loss. For many people hair loss means they lose confidence in the way they look. Others face it with courage and don’t really mind too much if they have a receding hairline.

Types of Hair Loss

Medically, hair loss is called alopecia. One of the most common types of alopecia is androgenetic alopecia or pattern baldness. This type of hair loss is quite permanent and affects almost one third of both men and women. In this case hair loss occurs right from the teen years. For men, hair loss starts from the temples and the crown and then goes onward.

In alopecia areata, or temporary baldness, hair loss is centered on a few patches that are usually round in shape. In this case you might also lose body hair apart from scalp hair.

Hair Loss Prevention

Hair loss, as such cannot be prevented. There is absolutely no prevention cure for hereditary hair loss. At times regular hair loss occurs due to the usage of chemically intensive shampoos, hair lotions etc. These need to be avoided.

Hard water must not be used to wash hair. If this precaution is taken you might be able to control hair loss. Dryness of the scalp also leads to hair loss. For this reason it’s important that you oil your hair on a regular basis.

Intake of nutritive foods that are rich in protein and iron content will help prevent hair loss as the nutrients will help in nourishing the hair. At times, a strict dietary regimen, can lead to poor nutrition, and thus hair loss. You must take care that even when you diet you must eat all the necessary nutrients.

Treatment for Hair Loss

Hair loss, whether permanent or temporary has no cure. All medications and treatment options will assist your in hiding the hair loss or for hair re-growth.

1. Medications offered to treat hair loss are entirely dependant on the causes and seriousness of the hair loss. Rogaine, an over-the-counter drug is a liquid that can be rubbed on the scalp in areas that are showing hair loss.

2. Another medication that is to be taken in pill form is Finasteride. This is a prescription drug, which is usually given to males who suffer from pattern baldness. This drug will take a long time to take affect. It works on the principle of inhibition of the conversion rates of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone (DHT)

There are various other medications like corticosteroids, Anthralin etc that are also given. Surgical procedures for hair loss treatment include hair transplants and scalp reduction surgeries.

These procedures are expensive and also painful. An alternative to medical treatment is the use of wigs and hairpieces.

The only thing that a hair loss does is affect the mental attitude of person. The prevention and treatment depend on the individual perception towards hair loss.


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