Scabies Rash: Symptoms, Prevention and Treatment  
Skin disorders    Scabies rash is a skin disorder caused by mites. Mites are microscopic invertebrates that burrow under the outermost layer of the skin. They are the root cause of this contagious skin disorder that manifests itself as pimply irritation on the skin.

Symptoms of Scabies Rash

An unbearable itchiness in the affected area is one of the significant symptoms of Scabies Rash. This extreme itching sensation occurs more at night time. Moreover, the skin dons a red color and shows blisters.

The mites, mentioned earlier, lay their eggs and their waste under the skin. The itching is a result of these actions. The most common areas affected by the Scabies rash include the wrists, armpits, abdomen, genitalia, etc. In small children, scabies rash can also affect the face, soles of the feet, or their scalp.

Prevention of Scabies Rash

Here are a few measures for prevention of Scabies Rash:

 Do not share personal hygiene articles like towels, hair brushes, or combs etc.
 If there is a tendency in your family for skin disorders, then check regularly for occurrence of this skin disorder.
 Use chemical spray on a regular basis to get rid of mites.
 If a family member has Scabies rash, then every item used by the person, especially, clothes, towels etc has to be soaked in a mixture of hot water and borax.
 Try having regular saunas
 Your innerwear must be fresh and you must change regularly.
 Bathe daily, and wash your body properly.
 Use clean towels, and napkins, also wash your hands with a medicinal soap after every activity.
 Physical contact, with those affected with Scabies rash, needs to be avoided.

Treatment of Scabies Rash

Scabies rash can be treated, and its best to contact your medical practitioner so that you can begin treatment immediately.

 There is a wide variety of mite killer lotions that are available and can treat scabies rash. However, not all lotions are suitable for everybody and you must take the advice of a medical expert for the proper selection. If a wrong lotion is selected then it might lead to various skin allergies.
 Some of the popular prescription creams are Permethrin. A popular pill is Ivermectin and it’s also prescribed for curing scabies rash. Many-a-times antihistamines are also advised by doctors, so as to relieve itching.
 A Malathion ointment can be applied to the areas that have been affected by Scabies rash. This has to be washed completely after 24 hours. It helps in killing the mites, but it must be noted that the dead mites remain in the skin. It’s only after about 2 weeks that the body is able to get rid of them.
 Another topical medication is benzyl benzoate. After application, it must be kept till 24 hours, and then washed off. This procedure must be repeated for 2 to 3 times. If this solution is going to be used on children then it must be diluted so as to avoid skin irritation.

If you are diligent enough with the treatment plan, there is no reason why Scabies rash can’t be treated. Though a long process, Scabies rash treatment is generally successful.


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