Skin Allergy: Nature, Prevention and Treatment  
Skin disorders    Skin allergy is a type of broad ranged skin disorder, when, specifically, skin shows an adverse reaction after coming into contact directly or indirectly with an allergen. Some of the common skin allergies are Acne, Dermatitis, Scabies Rash, etc.

Symptoms of Skin Allergies

In a skin allergy, the skin shows visible symptoms of being affected by an allergen. If there has been a direct contact then a person might suffer from a localized area of infection. A more serious problem can occur if the allergic substance is breathed in or ingested.

Some of the common symptoms of skin allergies include:

 Formation of Red rash
 Spotting of the Skin
 Inflammation of the Skin
 Excessive Itching
 Dryness and Scaling of the Skin
 Bad odor from the affected area.

Prevention of Skin Allergy

There are numerous prevention measures to avoid skin allergies. Here are some of them:

 If you have a recurring allergy, contact a doctor to find out the specific cause of the skin allergy.
 Avoid the allergens that your skin is sensitive to.
 There are various triggers of skin allergies like various food stuffs, consumption of alcohol, and smoking. These need to be avoided.
 Sometimes the application of cosmetics also causes skin allergies. This is because some of the chemicals present in these cosmetics are harmful for a particular type of skin. Be careful in your choice of cosmetics.
 Some skin allergies are contagious. Hence, avoid skin-to-skin contact with people who have such allergies.
 Body hygiene is one of the best preventive measures of skin allergy. A proper cleanliness routine will help stave off a lot of allergies.

There are many more preventive measures that can help prevent skin allergies. However, there are a few skin allergies that cannot be prevented and you have no other choice but to suffer through them and treat them.

Treatment for Skin Allergy

Before embarking on a treatment plan for your skin allergy, you must know what particular factor is causing your skin allergy. There are various medical tests that help one determine the root cause of a skin allergy. This will help doctors treat skin allergy in a better way:

 Skin allergy is treated using various topical medications. Common allergies like Acne etc are treated with over-the-counter topical creams. However, the more serious cases of skin allergy are prescribed the use of antibiotic topical creams and various other topical medications. They help in curbing inflammation
 Antihistamines are another popular medication for treating skin allergy. They help in relieving itching
 There are various other medications that are taken in the form of a pill. Such medications ingested by the patient.
 Various types of corticosteroids are also used to alleviate the symptoms of various skin allergies.
 The more serious cases are treated using a combination of medications and surgical procedures. Electro-therapy and laser therapy are examples of the procedures that are an integral part of the treatments for skin allergy.

A Skin Allergy can be contracted by anybody, and everybody. They are quite common and not life threatening. Also, most of them can be cured easily.


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